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Below are a few examples of illustrations created in Corel Draw. These graphics are free-handed using the mouse. I can render a graphic using just about any visual - photos, actual objects, even simply ideas. Click the thumbnail to view larger pictures.


             s7new.gif (7330 bytes)         S3new.jpg (3552 bytes)     
    S5new.jpg (2198 bytes)         S6new.jpg (2804 bytes)        sightbut.jpg (2746 bytes)      S1new.jpg (3636 bytes)       

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  mask1but.jpg (7374 bytes)             


"Toys” Limited Edition Prints

From original watercolors, and released in a limited addition of 500. Each will be signed and numbered by the artist,  Twenty five artist's proofs will be retained.  For the collector or for that special gift, “Toys” will please young and old alike.     

closeup.jpg (30073 bytes)

Close-up of
"Paddle & Aggies"

Click thumbnails for large view, dimensions
and ordering information.


printbut2.gif (15269 bytes)
"Paddle & Aggies"

rainybutt.gif (12053 bytes)
"Rainy Day Fun"

printbut3.gif (16402 bytes)
"Knick-Knack Paddy Whack"













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